If one want to under stand the life history, teachings, mission, message of HUZOOR GHARIB NAWAZ (R.A) which spreaded the message of universal brother hood and peace in India it is very necessary to know something about ISLAM and SUFISM which is the essence of ISLAM so the beginning of this WEB SITE deals with the subject on ISLAM and SUFISM. The Arabic word ISLAM means Peace, Submission and Obedience .the religion of ISLAM is the complete acceptance of the teachings and guidance of god as reveled to his PROPHET MOHAMMAD (S.A.W) A Muslim is one who believes in ALLAH and strives for total reorganization of his life according to his revealed guidance and the sayings of the PROPHET MOHAMMAD (S.A.W). He also works for building human society on the same basics. ISLAM gives the message of peace, brother hood, love and serving the mankind .if we break up the word ISLAM we will find

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From the Oasis cities of MAKKAH and MADINA in the Arabian Desert, the message of ISLAM went forth with electrifying speed. Within half century ISLAM had spread to three continents. A fallacious charge is frequently brought against ISLAM that it was forced at the point of sword, although the true fact is otherwise. ISLAM is not the religion of Sword nor did it spread primarily by means of war .it spreaded because of the appeal of new religion. It was the faith in one god and emphasis upon his mercy that brought vast numbers of people into the fold of ISLAM .the new religion did not coerce people to convert. Many continued to remain same of there own religion to which they belonged and if we look we will find that different communities are living in Muslim lands.
Moreover the spread of ISLAM was not limited to its miraculous early expansion outside of ARABIA. During later centuries the Turks embraced ISLAM peacefully, as did a large number of the people of the Indian continent and the Malay-speaking world. In Africa also, ISLAM has spread during the past two centuries even under the mighty power of European colonial rulers. today also ISLAM continues to grow not only in AFRICA but also in Europe, America and in different parts of world where Muslim now comprise a notable majority.


ISLAM provides definite guidelines for all peoples to follow in all walks of life . the guidance it gives is comprehensive and includes the social , economic , political , moral , and spiritual aspect of life . The QURAN reminds man of the purpose of life on earth , of his duties and obligation towards himself , his kith and kin , his community , his fellow human beings and his creator . man is given fundamental guidelines about a purposeful life and then he is left with the challenge of human existence before him so that he might put these high ideals into practice . In ISLAM , mans life is a wholesome , integrated unit and not a collection of fragment , competitive parts of man :they are united in the nature of being human .


Islam is a religion based upon knowledge for it is ultimately of the oneness of GOD combined with faith and total commitment to him that saves man . the text of the QURAN is replete with verses inviting man to use his intellect , to ponder , to think and to know for the goal of human life is to discover the truth which is none other than worshipping GOD in his oneness . The Hadith literature is also full of reference to the importance of knowledge . such saying of PROPHET (S.A.W) "as seek knowledge even in china" , "seek knowledge from the cradle to grave" , and verily the men of knowledge are the inheritors ofPROPHET (S.A.W)" , have echoed through the history of ISLAM and incited Muslim to seek knowledge whenever it might be found . during most of its history , Islamic civilization has been witness to a veritable celebration of knowledge . That is why the scholars have been held in the highest esteem in Islamic society.

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